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Name:Nicholas Sayre
Birthdate:Jan 19
Nicholas John Andrew Sayre is the nephew of Edward Sayre, the Chief Minister of Ancelstierre, and a close friend of Sameth, prince of the Old Kingdom ([info]makesthings). Nick and Sam attended school together at Somersby, where they spent a great deal of time alternately getting into mischief and trying not to get caught at it, among other things.

Nick has blond hair, blue eyes, and an insatiable curiosity about anything that catches his interest -- and there's no telling what will. Although tolerant of his friend's belief in the Charter and magical powers, Nick's own explorations are scientific by nature. Nick has a strong spirit of scientific inquiry and the tendency to pursue both knowledge for its own sake and in order to find answers to any of a variety of questions.

Occasionally, that leads him into trouble. Sometimes more than he knows.

From time to time, Nick suffers odd chest pains, difficulty breathing, blurred vision, and weakness to the point of fainting. Rarely, at these times, a white puff of smoke may be seen near him.

Nick thinks he has a bad case of lingering bronchitis.

He couldn't be more wrong.

Spoilers for Lirael and Abhorsen in whitetext below:
Nick first arrives at Milliways from Chapter 25 of Lirael, long after the attack that injured Sameth. What neither he nor Sameth yet know is that Nick himself was also injured in that attack. The necromancer Hedge stabbed him with a sliver of silver metal, which has lodged itself in his heart. The metal is a fragment of the silver spheres that hold the Orannis the Destroyer imprisoned. Unfortunately for Nick, the presence of the sliver inside him means that he's currently serving as the Destroyer's avatar.
Nick Sayre is from the Abhorsen Chronicles, and is the property of Garth Nix. He appears here solely for the purpose of role-playing in [info]milliways_bar, from which no profit whatsoever is being made. Questions or comments should be directed to [info]silveraspen through private message, on email (aspen-at-silveraspen-dot-net), or on AIM as Aspenx3.

Canon-wise, Nick arrives at Milliways from the months immediately after Sameth has left Somersby.
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